How To Opt Out Junk Mail From Citizens United

In a previous post we met Floyd Brown and his Super PACs: Policy Issues Institute, White House Watch and his Impeach Obama Campaign. Today let’s talk about another Super PAC he founded, Citizens United.

Citizens United is most famous for winning a Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

From Politico: “The case stems from a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission brought by an obscure conservative group called Citizens United. It alleged that its free speech rights were violated when the FEC moved to block it from using corporate cash to promote and air “Hillary: The Movie,” a feature-length movie harshly critical of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton – the current secretary of state – during her 2008 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
The FEC asserted that the movie expressly opposed Clinton’s election and therefore was subject to campaign laws that bar the use of corporate cash to air election ads, and require donor disclosure. Citizens United disagreed and sued.”

“Obscure conservative group” Tell that to my mailbox Politico.

Stephen Colbert parodied the decision, and SuperPACs in general. A great article by Huffington Post. Open Secrets page

Pinning down their junk mail has been difficult because it comes in so many flavors. Here are 2 examples that feature their current President David N. Bossie, they are the most obvious:

usps tracking

usps tracking number


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